‘Mon the Salmond

aye aye

Salmond’s challenging of the SNP’s right to be in the leadership debate is at the very least entertaining and at best an interesting constitutional call.  I’m in favour of him winning the court case I have to say.

He has two reasons for justifying his claim;

  • He has managed a coalition with little fuss for three years
  • He governs 10% of the country

Philip Lardner was in the running to be medievil politician of the year until he opened his mouth.

I read tonight that, and I quote, Philip Lardner, the Tory election candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran, said that most Britons consider homosexuality to be “somewhere between unfortunate and simply wrong” and it should not be supported by the state.

Philip Lardner. No longer the candidate for Ayrshire and Arran.

In a section on his website, he supported parents and teachers who do not want children to be taught about homosexuality and churches who do not want to employ gay people.

Philiip Lardner is not really in touch with this century and life in general.

He ought to heed this poster.