My god this is good.

I stumbled upon this at Fopp and paid top dollar for it (£15).  It’s a double CD compilation of German Electronic Music of mainly the 70’s.  The school of musical experamentalism that gave us Can, Faust and Nue (the best known exponents ) also gave rise to a host of widely disparate sounds.  Some funk, some jazz, some electronic.  All interesting.

Interestingly, no Kraftwerk, but they came from a different school and were less overtly political than this bunch who were rebelling against the worldwide reputation that Germany had earned itself in the wake of the second world war.

No two tracks arte the same but there is a great deal of overlap and their influence can certainly be heard in the work of early Human League (Dignity of Labour EP) and a host of other later bands.

One of my own favourites is Hans Joachim Rodelius who is represented here on his own and as the band, Cluster, the other member of Cluster, Deiter Moebius also pops up with a track.

Only Casn and Amon Duul get two tracks so the variety is huge.

It’s an electronic delight.

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