Should have gone to Optical Express

Jeez.  Do I like a rant?

Bad service is top of my list of ranting (see recent O2 pishereama).  So it’s nice to be able to report a company having a good customer attitude and great service.

I’ve bought my last two pairs of specs from Optical Express and paid richly for the privelege (£700 a go including the “free” second pair).

Anyway, the new pair I just got a fortnight ago don’t work.  Or not for my eyes.  Top of the range varifocals they are.  But they don’t work.  What’s worse is that after only one week I dropped and scratched them.

So, I went to see the lovely ladies in The Gyle Centre Store and told them my concerns.

The result?

New lenses.  No charge. (mainly because they realised that the change of lens style that I had ordered just doesn’t work for some people.)

Brilliant service.  With a big smile.

I love that shop and anyone that wants new specs would be recommended to go there.

So.  I’m not just a moaning old git.  Am I?

3 thoughts on “Should have gone to Optical Express

  1. Saw the heading and thought that Mr Schofield was finally getting his apology! Sadly it’s not the case, so have the libel lawyers been in touch yet?


  2. Liked the comment about the free specs. I found it strange when I got new ones last time to be told “So that will be four hundred and some pounds for your glasses, plus another three hundred quid for your free ones”.

    They didn’t find it funny or strange in the slightest.


  3. This experience should be true of any opticians on the high street.
    Actually overall this is not a company which has great service.
    Try asking them for a refund.see what happens.


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