Jupiter Artland

Jeana and I went to perhaps the most remarkable exhibition space in Scotland today.  It’s a forest on an estate at Wilkieston, between Edinburgh and Livingston on the Calder Road.

Artists of international repute are represented, with works that take nature as their theme.

You may have seen Charles Jencks’ Life Mounds at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Belford Road.  That was a mere starter for 10.  The mounds here are significantly more detailed and four times the size.  Antony Gormley, Nathan Coley (whose In Memory is nothing short of stunning), Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jim Lambie, Andy Goldsworthy (whose Stone House is breathtaking), and Laura Ford all impress.

Laura Ford’s exhibits, called Weeping Girls, is my pick of the bunch; like walking onto the set of The Ring, these macabre, faceless Bronze girls beguil and intrigue.  It is truly unique and possibly the most affecting piece of art I have ever seen.

The Ring, 3.

I simply cannot find enough superlatives to review Jupiter Artland.

It fucking rocks.

And fucking rolls.

The cafe, run by Circle cafe at Canonmills is the best I’ve ever been at.  Great food.  Great value.  Great Airstream.

7 thoughts on “Jupiter Artland

      • Hi Mark that would have been our receptionist Maxine who works over the weekend. It has been absolutely glorious here over the last few weeks, after what has to be the hardest Winter in a long time, luckilly Jupiter is finally blooming and I think the word is getting out that we are here. Thanks again for your kind words.


  1. I have to agree Helen and I visted have visited the place on two occasions this year, even the old american style refreshments caravan/cafe is unique.


  2. Yes it’s fantastic, Rab and I went the last day of its opening last August and recommended it. I just love Andy Goldsworthy’s art. Not so sure about the ‘weeping girls’ though, they were a wee bit scarey!


  3. Hello… Thanks for the lovely review of Jupiter Artland and the cafe, really glad you enjoyed… One small ( but important) fact The cafe is indeed run by the creator ( and former) owner of Circle cafe but is now part of Cater by Barry Bryson rather than Circle! See you for 2012 I hope!


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