Is this FCT’s last radical road trip?

WPC McBulldog dumped all 70 of us FCT members off the back of our float at the end of last Sunday’s Festival Cavalcade, leaving us transportless and facing the long walk back to Bangholm which, in fact Izzie and nine intrepid explorers embarked upon.  The rest of us were left to ponder the demise of a tradition of 30 years where we all travel to Holyrood Park (or Princes Street in the old days) on the back of a 40 ft Artic.

So, for those of you who’ve shared the fun, have one last nostalgic look at Cavalcade 2010 starting at Bangholm as we left our spiritual home and later as we took the second of two wrong routes to the start.

It was a hoot.

The suburbs by arcade fire

If you,like me, were secretly a bit disappointed by Neon Bible in all it’s shreikiness (barring the excellent No Cars Go) you might be pleased to hear that The Suburbs is more than just a return to form, it might in fact be a career high.

It really is that good.

It’s (whisper again) a concept album (so what, Midlake have pulled it off twice. Ed) about life in the suburbs and hints at Win and Regine planning babies.

Much more textured than either of its much copied predecessors and breaks new, more melodious ground. Some of the highlights actually get the hackles up and others, although more whimsical really engage you. I’m thinking specifically of Rococo here which I know will not stand the test of time but is a real first listen icebreaker.

Truly wonderful. Buy!