The big Google hit

Eddie the Eagle is the only person I know that would like this sort of chart.

I’m told that Google changed things a few weeks ago and that every blog in the universe took a pounding; mainly due to reduced volume of traffic through google images.  Certainly mine reached near death throes.  I was averaging 1,200 hits a day and that suddenly and remarkably dropped to about 300.

However, I was being lazy, posting too much shit to Facebook rather than taking the time to write it up properly here.  I took heed and invested in WP not FB and have been rewarded with a 200% uplift in traffic.

Stick with me folks.

I am penitent.

This is England ’86

Shane Meadows’ very poignant film set in 1983 was a cracker.

Even blacker than that is the follow up TV series which I was not expecting and has thus become a sudden and unexpected comedy delight.

Part Shameless (sorry, but it has to be said) part Boys from the Black Stuff.

It’s just harsh.

And it’s unforgiving.

Show any of the characters a chink of light and merciless slagging ensues and that makes it feel real. Because that’s the stuff of life is it not?  Ripping the piss out of your nearest and dearest.  Mercilessly.

The acting is bloody top notch.

It’s not easy looking shite on screen, but most of the cast carry it off with ease.

Special mention has to go to Vicky McLure so far in the Tomboy central love role.


This might turn out to be a classic.  It certainly has trapped well.