The inbetweeners

Watched the first episode of the latest series tonight and whilst there were several laughs, they are all basically just fart gags and saying fuck or soapy tit wank on national tv. Whilst that has its merits it doesn’t redefine comedy the way some of our tv critics would have you believe.

Oh, and the acting is fundamentally pretty shit.

Oh, and the posh twit is basically David Mitchell in a time warp!

5 thoughts on “The inbetweeners

  1. sorry mark, totally disagree, yes the comedy is at points below the belt and utterly stupid but thats what teenage school life is, funny, stupid, sexual inuendo remarks slap sticks stuff. I love my only fools, porridge, open hours, faulty towers, likely lads comedy as its classic but this is what young viewers now like to see, as having been at school and left recently i can tell u this is comic genius haha can see your points yes and agree but this is what happens now and i for one laugh at every episode.



  2. ps Lordy, I think John Cleese’s timeless comedy is actually spelt with a w. or were you being ‘ironic’. Sorry to be pedantic.
    Yours, the soapy tit wanker.


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