Antichrist by Lars Von Trier


They're behind you!


I’ve had the DVD for a while now and not viewed it but it was shown on Sky Indie last night so we watched it at last.  I’m not sure if it was edited for TV because it wasn’t as shocking as I expected.  I like Lars Von Trier although he has a rather variable output.  Breaking the Waves is surely his masterpiece, the Idiots, well, a bit idiotic.  This falls squarely in the middle for me.  Full of self importance and symbolism but stunningly filmed.

My 16 year old son arrived home just at the most graphic moments of “real strong sex” and proclaimed “What on earth are you watching!”

I found the acting a bit too mannered for my liking.  Charlotte Gainsbourg just seems to be trying a bit too hard throughout with her breathiness and Willem Dafoe is so desperately earnest that you entirely fail to engage with him.

The “torture” aspect of the movie is actually a bit hilarious if the truth be told.  What’s it all about?  Ach who knows, who cares really.  Female and male stereotyping?  The lack of god in the couple’s grief?  I couldn’t really tell you and that’s a pity because I think it is trying to desperately connect at some higher level.

The scene where Charlotte Gainsbourg visibly cuts off her clitoris with a pair of scissors does make “Stuck in the Middle” during Reservoir Dogs seem rather light-hearted.

One thought on “Antichrist by Lars Von Trier

  1. His Dancer in the Dark is the only film I have ever walked out of. Ordinarily, it would take a fire to get me to leave mid-movie.

    I began laughing at a particularly preposterous point in the film – at the very second someone nearby in the cinema started to sob. Bless her.


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