This incredible year of music.

What in God’s name has gone on in the music world this year?

In October alone we’ve had a major return to form from Belle and Sebatian and also by Sufjan Stevens. As well as a great new album from Robert Plant.

We’ve had album after album after album that continue to amaze. And yet 2008 and 2009 were, relatively speaking, deserts.

Next week we have a new Kings of Leon and before the end of the year a new Radiohead and, if Metacritic is to be believed, a new, wait for it, Kraftwerk album.

Oh my sweet Jesus.

There’s a new Norah Jones too. (I know, lacks credibility, but I love her music. Sorry.)

And just wait till you hear the crazy brilliance that is Sleigh Bell. Mama Mia!  On Spotify as we speak.  Please enjoy.

We’ve had Fourtet on fire, Massive Attack on fire, Hot Chip on fire.  The National on fire.

Wild Beasts, Midlake, John Grant, and of course, Arcade Fire. (On fire!)

Each and every one a gem of the highest lustre.