Pego’s Millions. Day 1.

OK.  It’s not even 24 hours since I launched my Pego’s Millions idea and the response has been phenomenal.

We’re at £327 online and £10 off line already, so I’ve raised the target to £1,000.

Please circulate the idea amongst your friends.

Here’s the link again

just so as you know today’s numbers are 10% up on the average with 6 hours to go.  So 21st December might be a bit late if this continues.

And you can guess as often as you like.


More Haute Cuisine, Stirling Style.

I read about Rendall’s the Butchers in Drip Rd, Stirling in a paper last week so, as I was passing this morning on the way to a meeting at Stirling University, I took some time out to buy my lunch.

The subject of the recent journalistic expose, and some hilarity, for the butchers was their new line of pies guaranteed to cure any hangover (Hair of the dog I suppose).

Note 28% meat, 2.5% Buckfast

My worry is what the remaining 69.5% consists of.

Nonetheless they were delicious.