More Haute Cuisine, Stirling Style.

I read about Rendall’s the Butchers in Drip Rd, Stirling in a paper last week so, as I was passing this morning on the way to a meeting at Stirling University, I took some time out to buy my lunch.

The subject of the recent journalistic expose, and some hilarity, for the butchers was their new line of pies guaranteed to cure any hangover (Hair of the dog I suppose).

Note 28% meat, 2.5% Buckfast

My worry is what the remaining 69.5% consists of.

Nonetheless they were delicious.

2 thoughts on “More Haute Cuisine, Stirling Style.

  1. I can only imagine it would be pastry and gravy I have tried all there pies and there all great they also use Orkney island gold beef it’s the best I’ve tried I would rate this as one of the best butchers I have used and would recomended it to anyone


  2. Brought back lots of memories. I lived round the corner in Woodside Rd for two years in the 1980’s. Things sure have changed a lot since then, but not 22 Woodside Road; next door to Mags Heaney. Same stair, upper floor


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