Pego’s millions. Day 2. 966,203 views.

Your generosity continues almost unabated.

My target of £500 was breached this afternoon and we now stand at £523.56 which ain’t bad going in 48 hours.

But the new target of £1,000 now looks like quite a long way away, so please spread the word and if you haven’t yet donated your £10 to have a pop and guess when gibberish will cross the million viewer Rubicon then please have a go here.

My bitter ipad experience.

I’ve had an iPad since it was introduced in the UK and I love the concept. Truth is though it has been a very very poor experience because it has constantly dropped its signal since I bought it. Worse, it has had to be rebooted with its wireless key every time the signal dropped.

Finally I gave up.

So Apple agreed that I could bring it back for a new one. No questions.

But last week my super special IT mate Pete ( most of my mates are called Pete and my dad was too) came round and declared our BT Home Hub more or less dead. The new one arrived today and we are a wireless world of newly found rigidity and robustness, unlike my back.

The iPad works. Jeana and Tom’s iPod touches suddenly work, they hadn’t told me how equally frustrated they were.

So the villain in the piece?

As per. BT. Don’t get me started.

I have to say Apple’s helpline is the best in the world, ever. English is the first language.