The kids are alright

I saw this wonderful movie today at the end of its run. So nothing I say will be news to anyone.

I guess it’s not really broken through because it’s hardly what one could call cine-fashionable.  (Apparently it is the first movie ever made about a lesbian marriage in Hollywood.)

That’s interesting because the territory is ripe for humour and pathos in equal measure. And that opportunity is grasped with both hands by writer/director Lisa Chodolenko who frankly appears from nowhere.

She is aided and abetted by a stunning cast. Julianne Moore is magnificent as the “wife” to Annete Benning’s refreshingly unmacho bull dyke dad, both of whom are mom’s to Joni (Mia Wasikowska, last seen in Alice in Wonderland as Alice) and Laser (yes, I know).

I never said this was gonna be easy.

When the kids decide to track down who co created them through their lesbian mom’s Cryobank records they find a Dad that’s cool, sexy and life changing.

Mark Ruffalo has surely never been better in a role that he clearly loves – most particularly when rigorously reintroducing Julianne Moore to the delights of the male body for sexual satisfaction.

The fact that Moore, at 44, is willing to get down and dirty, freckles (millions of them), unfashionable red hair (by Hollywood standards) and all just shows what a great actress she is.

The film gradually develops from light comedy into really insightful and moving reflections on the meaning of family in an ever changing and disposable universe

It’s class.

And the relevance of lesbianism?

None really.

It’s just about families, marriage and the unbearable toughness of being.

I found it very inspiring.

How evil is the British public?

Me no likey.

Three rival reality tv programmes have a cuckoo in their respective nests right now. Ann Widdicombe in Strictly; Wagner in XFactor; and Gillian MacKeith in IACGMOOH.

Each is a total loser in their own distinctive way but none more odious than MacKeith. But the point is, if you put power in the public’s hands enough of them will vote contrarily enough to piss off the establishment, whether that be Simon Cowell, Bruce Forsyth or the would be queen of poo herself.

I love this anti voting culture that was started on Facebook last Christmas when Rage Against The Machine undid Simon.

This year anything could happen. Maybe it all started in May when we, as a nation, voted in the worst double act since Jedward.

Whatever the outcome in these hilarious anti-establishment phenomena; the journey is worth it.