Today was bad

I’ll keep it short.

3 hours to get to work in Glasgow.

Good day there actually.

3.5 hours back despite leaving at 2.30.

Lot of pissedoffdness involved

Give up on Scotrail and hail taxi.

Taxi driver refuses to drive to South Queensferry.

(More money to be made in town.)

Scotrail ineptitude off the scale.

Leave for Manchester.

1 hour later, including car dig out and unbelievable local driving conditions, pull into Tesco Petrol station.

Fill up with Petrol.

Realise car takes diesel.

Have to enlist four chaps to push me off the money bit.

Walk home in blizzard.

Get drunk.

Write post.


5 thoughts on “Today was bad

  1. I did the petrol thing. On the outskirts of Carlisle while driving to … Manchester with Will. Had to be towed and cost £150. Luckily we both saw the funny side.


  2. I have never been so happy to see Mark walk through the door. He was adamant he was driving, nothing was going to stop him. So I think it was fate that made him fill the car with petrol (he says I put him off phoning to ask him to please not drive)


  3. You only do it once (pregnancy aside). Mine was just past Soutra on the A68 heading back to Edinburgh. All testament to Toyota’s bombproof reputation (not to mention my early onset Alzheimer’s) I didn’t know I’d done it until the car starting hiccoughing about 40 miles later.


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