Planes trains and automobiles

When I get the time I will write an epic, foulmouthed tirade about the most difficult three weeks of my working life. In between times I need to compose myself to go on stage in 9 hours time.

4 thoughts on “Planes trains and automobiles

  1. I stood in my back garden last night trying to catch a snowflake to photograph and show my grandchildren. They all melted on landing on my hand.

    I pondered upon the fragility, delicacy and transient nature of the snowflake then considered how, with the support of temperature, it has brought this country to a halt. Proof of strength in numbers, I’d say.

    Beware, David C. Consider poverty as temperature.

    It’s winter. So we get snow. Our council tax payments are obviously going on other things (possibly entertainment bill for extravagant luncheons and expenses for councillors and the big-wig council officials,) as they are, obviously, not being used to provide the services for which we pay that tax.

    Can we stop the snow from falling? Not as far as I know, so find a way to enjoy it.

    Invite all your neighbours to a snowball fight allotting three quarters of an hour, to each participating team, to build a barricade and a stockpile of snow balls, which must not be hard or contain stones or the like; then, on the whistle, let battle commence.

    Masses of hot soup and maybe even stovies to be shared afterwards with even a hot choc thrown in for the kiddies or that wonderful warmed, spicy apfel drink from Germany, a dram or two or even just a cuppa. A bonfire is nice to gather around for carol singing.

    All will sleep sound having built fond memories of their days snowed in.


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