Thanks people. The power of the blog.

First of all, because Alex Sneddon read my recent post about the HTC phone failure and Carphone Warehouse’s response, he gave me the correct contact details for Charles Dunstone.  I emailed him last night and I received this email in reply this morning…

Dear Mr Gorman

Many thanks for your email, I am extremely sorry to hear of the problems your son is experiencing and concerned that you have had to contact to me in search of resolution.

I have got someone investigating what has gone wrong and we will be back to you shortly.

In the meantime, please accept my sincere apologies

Charles Dunstone

Literally five minutes after reading it the manager of the Gyle phoned me full of apologies for the treatment Tom had received at the Princes Street store!  He offered an immediate exchange explaining that this “NEVER happens.” and that I had clearly escalated my complaint in an appropriate manner.

So, well done CFW for eventually doing the right thing.

Well done also for the brilliant Phone Expert in Dunfermline who allowed us to cancel our £75 (not £175 as we had been quoted by CFW) spare part order.

I wonder why they changed their minds?  The power of blogging or just realising that they had made an unfair decision?

2 thoughts on “Thanks people. The power of the blog.

  1. I would so like to think it was that the “higher-upper” believe that customer satisfaction is the best advertising tool and the fairest business approach.

    There must be some honour out there in the market place. I know of some.

    Meanwhile, if you have computer or phone problems outwith guarantees or warranties, try HEX at Toll Cross, they have been brilliant with me and don’t usually charge a penny unless I am buying an item, even when they worked, on my mobile, for and hour or so, sometimes.


  2. Kate used to work with Charles (and we knew him well) before he set up Carphone Warehouse and he is an absolutely brilliant individual. His advice on customer service (’employ nice people’) is worth a hundred text books. His response to you is in keeping with how he runs the company: it’s obviously more difficult to get everyone in a large organisation to do some things instinctively. Glad to hear that it is sorting itself out. Say hello from us in any response to him!!


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