Wise words from John Dove, director of A View from The Bridge that opens next week at the Lyceum

“They need answers, and in a way they don’t need telling problems so much. In our modern media there’s a tremendous saturation of what’s wrong, and what I try to do is to draw out what’s right.”

I’m sick of the current media blame culture, I really am.

Take the sacking of Stewart Stevenson because it snowed and he made light of it.  Someone had to ge because it snowed.  Take the MD of NI Water who didn’t repair the pipes quick enough because for 20 years the money for pipe-fixing was diverted into counter terrorism in the Province.

I could go on and on about the culture that stifles us today where heads must roll for evils done to us.  How about we just moan clearly and concisely and then the problem gets fixed and we all move on.

Now, BP, that’s a different story.  The MD of BP was in denial of the situation and couldn’t, seemingly, be arsed with fixing it.  His head should have, and did, roll.

But, generally speaking, it’s all a bit wearing is it not?