New season Channel 4 and E4

Two new series kicked off last night with one (Skins) to come that are hot news in Chez Gorman.

First off; Glee.

A great series opener.

The take by the Glee Kids on Empire State of Mind was more than acceptable and for me the quality of writing has improved overall.  The new titchy Asian girl has some voice on her.  Good start.

Shameless, on the other hand was passable and no more.

It really has lost the bite that Paul Abbott injected into its early series’.

It wasn’t as slapstick as it has been, thank God, which actually stopped me watching for a while, so that may be a good thing.  I used to adore Shameless and now I can barely take it and there is only one reason.  The writing.  This has been where Skins has absolutely kicked Shameless’ ass over the past few years.

Skins has a new cast for this series but if the writing remains as high quality it should matter not.

But I do hope Shameless improves because it’s on for a 22 week run.