The movie awards – Golden Globes

The season is upon us and I’ve seen most of the fancied Golden Globes contenders except for The Black Swan which will be remedied soon enough, but not before the awards on Sunday.

Anyway, these are my predictions

Best Movie (Drama) – The Social Network CORRECT

Best Movie (Comedy) – The Kids are all Right CORRECT

Best Actor Drama – Colin Firth CORRECT

Best Actor Comedy – Kevin Spacey FAIL

Best Actress Drama – Natalie Portman CORRECT

Best Actress Comedy – Annette Bening CORRECT

Best supporting actor – Geoffery Rush FAIL

Best Supporting actress – Helena Bonham Carter FAIL

Best Director – David Fincher (Social Network) CORRECT

Best Screenplay – Aaron Sorkin (Social Network) CORRECT

Best Animated Movie – TS3 (guaranteed) CORRECT

Best Foreign Language – Biutiful FAIL

Best TV Series – Boardwalk Empire CORRECT

Best TV Series comedy – Nurse Jackie FAIL

Best Mini Series – The Pacific (also guaranteed) FAIL ?????