Loss of one sense is said to enhance the others.

We’ve all heard the stories about blind people having enhanced hearing.

This was highly appropriate last week when we went to see The King’s Speech at Cineworld In Edinburgh, because it’s a film about speech and we were rendered near blind.

For the record, The King’s Speech is being lauded for its cinematography. And that may be so, but we had to watch it through a black curtain.

There is no question that the projector at Cineworld was set up wrong. Both Jeana and I commented on it throughout. You could not see faces, backgrounds were total gloom, it was a mess. What’s more the trailer for True Grit that preceded it was exactly the same. It was so gloomy it made me decide not to go see (sorry, hear) it.

So we complained when we came out.

The girl at the door phoned the projectionist and he said “the settings are correct” but they weren’t.

We came home and watched the online trailers and since then we’ve seen the TV ads. The luminescence is just more…luminescent.

So, I complained online. They confirmed that the cinema had checked the projector and that it was fine and so, we were wrong. No one actually went into the auditorium and looked at the pictures on the screen.

Cineworld is one of my favourite Theatres but they do muck up on a regular basis. Often it is so cold that you have to wear a coat.

Usually when you make a complaint about that they give you comps, but I don’t understand why they have dissed our complaint on this one.

Frankly it ruined the film for both of us.

So, sorry Cineworld, I’m having to make you pay publicly. But, of course, you can still make amends.  There were 5 of us at the film so it was a costly exercise.

OK.  Quick update.  26th January 20211.

I emailed this post to Cineworld having initially been told I had no case to make.  Funnily enough it was now deemed that I did.  They phoned profusely apologetically and offered me two complimentary tickets and snack vouchers.  I reminded them that five of us went to the film and the offer was upped to 5 of each.  Thank you Cineworld.  Back in the good books.