more bollocks from the Sunday mail

Last week I shared a great post from Phil Adams about the moronic nature of swearing censorship in our rubbish newspapers.

Today I picked up the Sunday Mail to see how much they’d insult their readers’ intelligence.  They did well…

A real beauty; and in red too.

So, hands up if you were unable to work out that Walter Smith was pissed off?  If they didn’t want to say “pissed off” why not try something like, say, “furious”.

Now bastards, I’ll grant you, is a little stronger, and yet we get a double whammy on it, “complete bastards” and “horrible bastards” but I don’t think you’ll find the word bastard *******ed out in the OED.

This is a peach.  It might be a pain in the arse to play against Hamilton Accies when they are fighting relegation but since when did that constitute swearing?  Come on.

I admit it.  This one works.  It has totally baffled me.  Was he calling her a bastard?  Odd.  Or a Bitch and it’s an ******* typo.  Should it have been b**** not b******?

Maybe it’s b******, sorry, bonkers, after all some people take offence at words like that.  Buggers?  Ballbag?   Be-itch (like in America)?  Boring?  That would offend me.  Broody?  Bloodys?

No, I’ve got it, it was barbara, and she took offence at the missing capitalisation.

Oh well.  Might come back to this one next week.

In between times answers on a postcard as to what Mr McGuire really did report.

I’m intrigued.