The Son(s)

Karlossus, a pal of mine, has been noodling and doodling for years in his bedroom as his wife Victoria looks on. But he’s recently turned up the volume and the commitment (You can checxk out his advanced noodling and doodling on SoundCloud if you have the wit and wisdom) and that has resulted in the release (steps back in amazement) of an album called, I think, The Son(s).

Here’s the cover. It’s his Grandad, I’m told.

Now, we all have pals with talent, (I’d like to think with my connections I am above averagelyqualified to make this statement) but their “projects” don’t all turn out to be stuff that makes your heart skip a beat.

This is most certainly an exception.

I know a musical star.

I have discovered an album before any of the critics got there first, because Karlossus’ record is sublime.

I’ve been osmotically ingesting this wonderful sound for a few weeks now and didn’t want to jump in too soon with an ill considered point of view.  So, after a good deal of listening (time pressure has limited this) I can confirm that Scotland has a new talent that will engage those who know what good music is all about.  It will not trouble the Pepsi Max charts any time soon, but it will add a little bit of greatness to your life if you choose to let its loveliness wash over you.

So, reference points?  Not too many, although I think his near falsetto singing style resembles Jeff Buckley in places.

It’s, in truth, a little patchy (well, it’s a first outing and perfection would be too much too expect).  But “You belong to no one” justifies the purchase price alone.  It’s a stunningly trance-like wash of finger picking acoustic delight with multi-layered vocals that is quite simply beautiful.

Radar, the single, is also a great multi-layered wash.  And, you know what, it sounds like nothing other than The Son(s).  There’s not many artists you can say that about.

You can buy it here.  And I suggest you do.