Jen Aniston Sax tape


Created by an agency in New York called Kraftworks.

They get my vote just for their fantastic name…

Jenny proves she’s still got it. And so do Kraftworks because it has had 5m hits on youtube.

6 thoughts on “Jen Aniston Sax tape

  1. well, I am a woman and therefore somewhat less immediately hooked by the concept of a JenAn sex tape…but I watched it…and I think, finally, the Americans have embraced the concept of irony and of poking fun at themselves and their own culture. The negative comments on various threads are clearly from people who take a) themselves, b) advertising and c) life in general very very very seriously (esp. themselves). I think it is very clever and very witty…and anyone who believes that the lovely Ms Aniston was not well and truly in on the joke is so up their own backside as to be blinded by their large intestine.


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