Mike Donoghue

I will never, ever forget the night Mikey boy came to visit us in Royston Terrace just after we’d had Amy.  All was going swimmingly until Jeana said “i have to feed the baby.”

Well, you’ve never seen anyone move so fast.  Like a shot Mike was out of the room, in fact out of the flat at the top of the stairs, drawing heavily on a newly lit fag.

“Mark you know I love tits.  I’m a huge fan.  I could look at them for hours. But I couldnae bear to see my mate’s wife’s tits while she’s feeding the bairn.  So, I had to leave it would have been so embarrassing if I accidentally caught a sneak peek”

I paraphrase of course.

But what a gentleman.

(He was only saying what we all think though.)

So, Mike, after all these years, this is what you were missing.

6 thoughts on “Mike Donoghue

  1. The most natural thing in the world yet it totally freaks some folk out. probably because not enough women breastfeed their babies in public and because too many Jordan oglers have rendered the bobbies to be purely for sexual focusing.


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