What were you doing on the 5th of May 2011?

If you were Scottish I hope you were voting for a historic moment.

Sadly half of you couldn’t be arsed getting yourself down to your nearby polling station.

Those of us that could be bothered contributed to the sending of one of the most vocal messages in the history of this fantastic nation’s politics.

To see the Liberal vote collapse  was not all that surprising given Nick Clegg’s appalling act of virtual treason by bedding with the Antichrists.

But for the Labour vote to fail to materialise so spectacularly in the face of this ripe political climate (for them) is far more remarkable.

Part of the reason for that was Iain Gray’s utterly hapless presidential performance in the face of a tour de force by Alex Salmond.

This is a MONUMENTAL result.

It is absolutely jaw dropping because the whole voting structure in Scotland, designed by Labour, was intended to keep the SNP out of power.

Not only has it failed to do that but it has returned what political experts deemed impossible.  An overall majority in a PR chamber.

I doubt we will ever see a day as dramatic in politics again in my lifetime.

I doubt Iain Gray will see the week out as Labour leader in Scotland.

I doubt many people will see anything like as effete a collaboration in Liberal Democratic clothes as Nick Clegg and Tavish Scott in their lifetimes. (Total amateurism.  Tavish Scott made Iain Gray look almost workmanlike at times.)

I doubt we will vote for Scottish independence.

7 thoughts on “What were you doing on the 5th of May 2011?

  1. Possibly much of the loss of Labour votes came form them not sufficiently distancing themselves from Blair type, New Labour. Were they to establish themselves as Scottish Labour publicising that they are not in favour of New labour’s ways, but returning to original Labour values, their vote would ahve increased.

    As for Independence..you really think not? Well, if England continues to vote the Tories into power, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we voted for independence especially if an SNP led Scottish parliament perform well and put a stop to, rather than permitting, the selling off of our country to the likes of Trump.


  2. Is that an order or are you just absolutely sure? 😉 LOL!

    Would you have, as confidently, predicted the result of yesterday’s voting?


  3. It’s easy to make the Lib Dems the Conservatives whipping boy . . . unfortunately what people don’t realise is that having the Lib Dems in coalition is better than having the Tories on their own . . and after Thursday’s the election results, that’s probably what’s going to happen . . . I wouldn’t be surprised if Cameron goes to the polls later this year.

    As for Scotland . . .I think it’s highly unlikely that people will vote for Independence, usually people just stick with the status quo. However, with the Lib Dem support collapsing, it’s creating the best conditions for the slimy Salmond . . bet he’s loving it right now.


    • Absolutely in agreement, particularly about Clegg’s decision being for ego status. What other chance would he ever have of a Cabinet position far less deputy PM.

      The Tories would have had to work a Hell of a lot harder and put in genuine concession to the policies of the libs, to get Charles Kennedy into the coalition and Cameron would be a dashed site more tested as a strong political force (stops mid flow to laugh, sarcastic mode, at the combination of the linking of Cameron with strong) had he tried to get some of his political moves/desires into force.

      The Libs lost my respect when and how they got rid of Charles Kennedy. Okay, he might have a problem with alcohol, but, even with that he proved a stronger more logical, generally respected and genuine leader than any of the rest.

      Have you noticed how, when the Party are being downed by all, they bring on CK to rescue them from absolute ridicule? The general public listen to and respect him.

      I am a free thinker, particularly where politics are concerned. I detest Party politics which I see as denying me democracy. I want radical political change: PR but not only PR, I want it within a system in which political candidates/potential representatives of me in this “democracy” are invited, by the community, to stand for election. Successful candidates are then answerable to their constituents and not some far off designed Party policy.

      I’m off to dote on my brand new grandson.


  4. The Scots will not vote for independence – an SNP majority at Holyrood will do nicely – I suspect the majority of the 40% turnout (or whatever it was) in Scotland knows this.

    It’s not fair on the rest that they’re up against Salmond.



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