The Cadburys campaign

This campaign never ceases to amaze me with its utter inanity.

This is the worst yet.

So the “gag” is built around the effect you get from inhaling helium right?

Well helium balloons rise, they don’t fall.

This balloon is full of air.

Absolute crap.

One thought on “The Cadburys campaign

  1. You’re right Mark…it’s utter.utter.utter bollocks. I seem to remember when this whole thing started with a bloke in a grilla suit Galaxy sales overtook Cadbury. While the grilla was vaguely interesting in it’s whimsyness (though would have been truly astounding if it had been a real grilla) the campaign has been utter shite since, relying on nowt but effects and YouTube ripoffs.

    Oops…there, we said it.


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