Desert Island Discs. The public vote

Tears streamed down my face as I heard the story of Judith’s song.

A man, 40 years ago wrote a piano piece for a girl in his university year.  Apparently there was no relationship between them but at a graduation party he played it for her.

She was heading home to get married but so moved was she by the piece that she cancelled the wedding and moved in with the compopser.

It was never played again until they retired, 40 years later, to their dream home in France that they had lovingly created and converted from an old barn.

The finishing touch was to instal his piano and as she walked through the door with her daughter he once again played Judith’s Song.

He also played it for us on the programme.


2 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs. The public vote

  1. Is the piano music available on YouTube? It was interrupted – why couldn’t we hear it? If time was short, don’t tease, please ask if it can be made available in full somewhere! Thanks


  2. I agree Rob. I was driving at the time it was played and had to pull over – I couldn’t see for the tears in my eyes. What a lovely romantic story, Judith has a real romantice in John her husband


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