News of the world and milly Dowler

The revelations on the news tonight that a private investigator hired by the News of the World under the reign of Rebecca Brooke hacked into the dead Molly Dowler’s phone account is one step too far.
Described by the dead teenager’s parents’ lawyer as a heinous act, I have to agree.
Brooke should go.

2 thoughts on “News of the world and milly Dowler

  1. Must say this story reinforces my lack confidence in the so called freedom of the press, when we see how low Murdoch’s organisations will go to get a story.

    Further revelations in the Scotsman this morning that missing Emails appertaining to The Tommy Sheridan’s perjury trial appear to have been found in a warehouse in London.

    More to come on this one….


  2. Murdoch and Maxwell were the downfall of the freedom of our press. They took freedom to mean the freedom for them to take any liberties that might make them a faster, easier buck.

    I never have bought the NOTW so my pleas is that others who may have done so in the past, take heed: it could be you next: don’t buy it.


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