Mercury Prize 2011

OK.  Tuesday sees the shortlist of 12 albums by UK and Irish artists revealed.

Here’s my best guess at who will be on it.

I think this year’s list will be dominated  (and won) by female artists.

So Adele will probably be favourite.

Closely followed by PJ Harvey.

With a squeak for Anna Calvi.

Rumer may get an MOR nod.

Rachel and The Unthanks will get the customary folk nomination.

Tiny Tempah gets the dance vote

So too will Freindly Fires who cross the dance/Indie divide.

Big names on the list will include Elbow and possibly Robert Plant again with a possibility of Radiohead’s Hail the thief sneaking in.

Making up the numbers will be indy favourites The Vaccines and Foals.

Two outsiders that I’d like to see there are King Creosote and Jon Hopkins and in the Jazz camp we might see Penguin Cafe.

So here’s my prediction…

Adele                                                  CHECK

PJ Harvey                                         CHECK

Anna Calvi                                        CHECK

Rachel and the Unthanks              FAIL

Tiny Tempah                                    CHECK

Friendly Fires                                  FAIL

Vaccines                                            FAIL

Foals                                                  FAIL

Elbow                                                 CHECK

Robert Plant                                     FAIL

Radiohead                                        FAIL

Penguin Cafe                                   FAIL  (Shoulda had the courage of my convictions and gone for King Creosote)

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