Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s finally dies

I was kidding.

He seems no nearer death than the day he was released on farcical terms from prison nearly two years ago after killing 270 innocent people in the skies over Lockerbie.

Indeed yesterday the bastard was wheeled out at a pro Gaddafi rally in Tripoli, albeit in a wheelchair.

Kenny Macaskill, and for that matter Alex Salmond have a lot to answer for.

Megrahi in Tripoli. Lording it.

7 thoughts on “Abdelbaset al-Megrahi’s finally dies

  1. Are you 100% absolutely positive he did it? As with the Charlie Brooker article you mentioned the other day sometimes there are conclusions drawn because they fit the way the USA and the media see it, not because they are true or correct. I thought he was released because Scot’s law required it based on the medical advice, rather than the advice you and the Daily Mail were giving.


    • I think there is every chance he was innocent and “fitted up” for a conviction to suit the media. But that’s not the issue. In fact it’s a completely separate one that Will and I argue about constantly.

      The issue is, for me, that a convicted mass murderer was “let off” when the medical evidence at best dodgy and the possibility/probability is that it was done for political (ie oil) reasons by a government all over the fucking shop.

      It reeks of hypocrisy and sorry, but I ain’t getting off my soap box any time soon.

      Also the posturing on the day of the announcement by Macaskill was reprehensible and totally fucking nauseating.


  2. I always thought the SNP were more interested in ‘their’ oil in the North Sea than the stuff in Libya. But as you and Iboth know from sad personal experience medical prognosis is not a precise science. And Megrahi didn’t look a well boy in the picture. Although I expect you think he looks quite jaunty.


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