The highs and the lows

Ria is distraught.

Her idea of doing a degree in Dentistry has been swept away.  Although she did great with 4 Highers including crash Chemistry, but her English Higher evaded her.

In some ways this doesn’t surprise me because her English teacher was an absolute moron.  She refused to put study classes in.  Constantly failed to mark homework, lost half the class’ portfolios.  In short she was not fit for purpose.  I complained again and again to the school about her and they acknowledged my point but to no avail.

Tom, by stark contrast, is cock a hoop having passed his two Highers and Three Int Two’s.  He had a different teacher for English but he cannot believe he passed his PE Higher because, guess what, the teachers sucked.  And guess what.  I complained about them too.

For all the others that dedicated themselves to their profession.  I thank and applaud you.