So. Tell me this. How come we can win the Homeless Word Cup twice in a decade but we can’t qualify for the professional competition, and when we do, reach the latter stages, ever?

Yesterday Scotland won the Homeless World Cup in Paris.


64 nations competed.

We beat Mexico 4 – 3 in the final and it was said that our team may not have been the most skilled in the tournament, but we were the most committed.

It’s not like we lead the world in Homelessness.

We beat a nation many multiple times our population.

I suspect it had something to do with money not being a factor or a motivation.

I suspect it brought out our national pride.

I suspect it was a level playing field regardless of national stature or population.

This is an awesome concept and a creation of Scotland (Mel Young conceived it).

The fact that the story made a pictureless 3 x 3 story at the bottom of page 3 in our national paper is a scandal.

Scotland.  Wise up.