Scotland v Lithuania; the saga continues.

God, I’m really sick of this.

We are in the hole we are in for one reason.  Craig Levein’s tactics.

We could easily have beaten the Czech Republic home and away, after all since 2005 they have steadily slid down the rankings from 2nd to 42nd.  We’re 47th and incidentally sit 5 places behind Lithuania.

However, we played in the Czech Republic with no striker, gambling on a 0-0 scoreline that failed to materialise.

On Saturday, forget the refereeing shenanigans (the Czechs had a stone wall penalty denied too after all), let’s focus on how Scotland set up.  They were crap in the first half and sat back both at 1-0 and 2-1.  Every time we had to push forward we threatened, including in the 92nd minute.  But had we played the way we ought to the game would have been done and dusted.  So that would be 5 more points than we have and 4 less for the Czechs.  We’d pretty much have qualified by now.

One hard luck story (3 – 2 defeat to Spain) when the game was to all intents and purpose over (so the Spanish went to sleep) does not make us a great team and don’t forget we very nearly lost to Lichtenstein – a country with a population smaller than Falkirk and a football reputation worse that Fred West’s.

Levien contradicts himself more than the House of Commons.  He says he won’t play players that are out of form or not playing for their teams and then he does.

He falls out with his players (shame our best striker is watching from home for no good reason) and he has the worst competitive record (including Bertie Vogts) over his opening 5 game tenure than any manager in the last 25 years; to Andy Roxburgh to be precise.

Yes, we have a bunch of talented players exposed to the Premiership, better than for a considerable time I’d say.

So why not believe in them and let them express themselves properly.

Me, I’m going to watch the Mercury Prize. (We’ve got a chance of winning that – Come on King Creosote!)

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