Titan Arum. Simply incredible.

Have you been following the progress of this beauty?

You can keep up to date with it here.

I’ve had my eye on it all summer.

It’s called Amorphophallus titanium which roughly translated means absolutely ginormous penis.  And it’s growing right here in Edinburgh in the Royal Botanic Gardens’ greenhouse.  Currently it is progressing by 10cm  a day and when and if it flowers it will have been the first to do so in Scotland and is a very rare happening when cultivated.

Have a freaking look at this. (A specimen cultivated in Stuttgart)

It has the largest “unbranched” inflorescance of any plant in the world which roughly translated means it has humungous flowers.

And the best thing is…it smells like a rotting animal.  Hence its common name “the Corpse Flower”.

Best get your ass down there for a look.

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