Scotland’s Greatest Album on STV

OK, so the series, fronted by the delightful Claire Grogan, kicks off on Tuesday on STV.

Here’s the facebook link.

My feeling is that the decision will be heavily weighted by the viewing demograph which will therefore strongly favour albums of the 70-‘s and 80’s with a shout for those of the early 90’s.

That gives a strong advantage to the following

New Gold Dream by Simple Minds – average pop that was far bettered in their earlier albums, especially Real to Reel Cacophony and the sublime double album release that was Sons and Fascination/Sisters Feeling Call.

This is the Story by the Proclaimers ( a potentially worthy winner)

Rain Town by Deacon Blue (also of note).

Some pish by Travis or fucking Texas.

But the real talent lies elsewhere, but will be pushed out by popularism.

No chance will Belle and Sebastian win but Tiger Milk is extraordinary.

Not a fan but Jesus and Mary Chain should, but won’t feature.

The Blue Nile are OBVIOUSLY one of Scotland’s greatest if not THE greatest.  On that basis I think I’d give it to A Walk Across the Rooftops.

The Fannies.  Too many albums will split their vote.

Aztec Camera.  The wondrous High Land, Hard Rain should but wont.

Orange Juice are too fey and anyway were a better singles than albums band.

Bill Wells trio no-one has heard of.

King Creosote should probably be in there for his body of work but his Mercury nominated opus magnificus of this year has no chance.

The Skids.  Fuck off back to Fife.

Craig Armstrong’s the space between us is beautiful but has no chance.

The Scars.  Author Author.  magic.  No chance.

John Martyn is too folk/Jazz to win.

Eddie Reader likewise.

So, that leaves me with my outside bet.

Screamadelica.  Over -rated but loved and toured to death this year including a lot of high profile gigs.  Could just do it.

So, my prediction?

The Proclaimers.

What do you think.  Please comment.

14 thoughts on “Scotland’s Greatest Album on STV

  1. Solid Air, Love by Aztec Camera, Grand Prix … There are many. Fingers crossed they prove you wrong. As an English immigrant I’m not keen on those albums that seem to sound better if you’re Scottish – Rain Town for instance – than they actually are.


  2. The Crossing, Big Country. Still brilliant. Still being played in my hou…ok…car.

    Deserves a re-appraisal by the music snobs (of which, I admit, I am one)


  3. All personal opinion.

    Once Upon a Time (love that they went down that road) or their live album for the Minds.

    Big Country (songs from The Seer, Restless Natives soundtrack) and the Minds are nostaligic for driving in the mountains of Northwest Scotland.

    Proclaimers – This is the Story has their best song (JKB) but Sunshine on Leith is wall-to-wall. Paolo desrves a mention. Wet Wet Wet’s classic for retro-pop appeal. Deacon Blue could pen a song in them days. KLF album with the big hits. Primal Scream’ll win it.


  4. On balance I would have to say “Screamadelica” but big ups to ” Can’t stand The Rezillos” as well as ” Grand Prix” by TFC and ” Next” by SAHB. The Proclaimers are are pub band. Okay for a wedding sing a long, but not much else. There is a distinct danger in allowing nationalism to pollute a vote such as this and MG fails to disclose a personal interest. All in all can I say is that personally I believe that Scotland massively under-performs on every level musically.


  5. The Blue Nile should win but won’t. The greatest Scottish band ever. As for the Proclaimers please look at yourself in the mirror. They are as bad as Belle and Sebastian.


  6. Maybe I’m missing the point. I watched the 80s show tonight and it’s not about what is Scotland’s Greatest Album instead it’s about finding songs (singles) from 4 decades to put on Scotland’s Greatest Album. And not one mention of Win’s “You’ve got the power”!


  7. I was going to vote on the Scottish album thang until I seen rod the mod was in the 70’s category because his granny slept with a Scotsman. David burne from talking heads Who wrote phsyco killer in 1977 never even made it on the short list. What’s wrong with this, a guy who would still sellout gigs today. Sort it out stv


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