The world has lost its technological axis

Steve Jobs died today.

I am gutted. I’m actually in tears.

I love, really love, that man, even if he was hard to work for.

I never worked for him; merely admired him above, pretty much, anyone else on earth.

Three things to remember him by…

This from apple

This from Apple.

And this; one of the greatest ads ever and what he was all about…

This ad makes me cry and you know what Apple need to make a tribute ad to him about him.


5 thoughts on “The world has lost its technological axis

  1. Very sad that the guy has died so young…but this morning’s deification is way over the top and makes me slightly uncomfortable.


    • You only die once, then people react. If you are the most significant figure in the world’s favourite company you deserve a bit of fucking smoke being blown up your arse. Lighten up for fuck sake


  2. Alternative view: clever bloke designs things people don’t need; has them ‘assembled’ by people who need the money; sells them to people who don’t.


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