If you don’t like Elbow you will hate this…

This blog will self destruct in 7 days from now but in the meantime if you are an Elbow fan you will enjoy Guy Garvey rabble rousing his followers in Manchester Cathedral.  Note perfectly of course.  At one point (on Lippy Kids) he is supported to stunning effect by the Halle Youth Choir.

Just click here.

There’s something about Elbow that is particularly moving.  The songs are beautiful of course but it’s a combination of Guy Garvey’s plaintive vocals and his obvious passion for them that really tugs at the heartstrings.

Good on you boys.

What particularly pleases me about the Elbow story is that they all had to second mortgage their houses to make ‘Seldom Seen Kid’.  It was literally the last throw of their dice.  And it worked, netting them a Mercury Prize along with millions of record sales.

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch.

Their latest album, ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ whilst not having the same impact as ‘Seldom Seen Kid’ is a beautiful record full of fabulous quiet anthems.


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