Black Mirror, 15 million merits

I reviewed episode one of Black Mirror with some gusto last week, so I was surprised to read AA Gill’s absolute trashing of it in the Sunday Times.

Personally I think AA Gill just needs to get a penis envy extraction.

He did, however, make the memorable observation that the plot was as flaccid as a prostate ward; so not all bad.  Anyway AA, you can stick your review close to your very own presumably normal sized prostate because it rocked.  And so, onto week two, which he will no doubt have hated as much as week one (of three).

Again I loved it.

In this, a dystopian world (Aldous Huxleyesque) written by Charlie Brooker and his wife Konnie Huq, is the setting for a brilliant satire on X Factor/Britain’s Got Talent in which the pretty girl from Downton Abbey (never seen it) becomes the object of affection of a male drone.

He selflessly gives up his worldly goods (15 million merits) to enter her into a nightmare future vision of X Factor only to see her wow the judges for her looks, not her voice and become a porn star on a sister channel.

It’s wickedly funny without being laugh out loud and is yet another step on Charlie Brooker’s career ladder of greatness.