One for the anoraks

My 50’s and 60’s obsessed pal, Matt Armstrong, sent me this wonderful link to an instruction on how to play the most famous guitar chord in musical history.  It’s part of a conversation with Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive.

It’s a 12 string F chord with a G on top and on the bottom, plus a C next to the G then add a D on the bass guitar and a Dsus4 (with a G note) on the Rhythm guitar.

This is what you get…

Matt then had a pretty good bash at it himself.  See what you think…

Of course, there is another very famous musical chord.  It’s the opening chord from Wagners Tristan und Isolde Overture and it’s called the Tristan chord.  It’s made up of the notes F, B, D♯ and G♯, and featured heavily in Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia earlier this year.  It goes like this…

It’s truly magnificent…

So, there you have it.

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