The Computer Love Tour in 1981

This was the tour I was referring to me in my previous post.

I don’t think I can begin to get across how exciting this was.  Seeing Kraftwerk.  Even then they were well beyond legendary status.

It literally blew my mind.

There’s a song on that album called pocket calculator and they played the song live ON POCKET CALCULATORS.

Not so unthinkable now but it was 30 years ago.

Anyway the biggest thrill of all for me was when the passed these pocket calculators out into the front row f the audience and I got to play one for bout 1 second.

In fact…

This is it…

It’s all gone quiet at our place.

Jeana sleeping.  Tom and Amy at work.  Family not arrived yet.  Has given me a chance to check out some tunes.  Fell upon this old video of Das Model by Kraftwerk and was taken by exactly how creepy Ralf, Florien et al look.  Was this a “look”,  a “technique” or just how they were?

They don’t look real but it’s too early for a CGI pisstake of themselves.


The audience is absurd by the way, you couldn’t begin to imagine in 1980 that this audience would be the one seeing the future of danvce music being played out in front of their very eyes.

I saw them live not long after, front row of the Edinburgh Playhouse for the Computer love tour.

Still one of the greatest ever musical experiences.