The inconsistency of justice…

How come the “Big Guy” in this video is vilified in many circles for stepping in and sorting out a situation and risks losing his job when all he has done is sort out a wee nyaff that delighted the onlookers..

But this old lady, who stepped in and sorted out a situation becomes a  national treasure when all she has done is sort out a bunch of wee nyaffs that delighted the onlookers.

For the record I think the “Big Man” did everyone on that train a favour and should be lauded.

The Scotfail guard summed the company up quite nicely.

2 thoughts on “The inconsistency of justice…

  1. No. He is a fat thug, who should get what he deserves. He is not the law or the police. The guard should have contacted the Transport police to deal with it. He should also be charged with the assault.


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