Greed. And why it’s bad for you.

Did you see The Bank Job on Channel 4?


For a week the winning contestants in each nightly episode collectively pooled their night’s winning money into a collective pot.

Tonight the five finalists duelled one another in a process of elimination until only two were left.  (Two greedy blokes as it turned out.)

One was a lucky and hopeless player, the other a cool cat who thought he had it in the bag.

But the producers of this magnificent Game Show had one last twist up their sleeves (it transpired they had two in the final denoument though.)

So, each finalist was given two boxes with about £230,000 in one box and Trash in the other.

The next bit was tricky.

They had to decide if they wanted the full £450,000 or were happy to split the winnings.  But they couldn’t say it outright, they had to convince the other that they would share or that they were gambling for the lot.

The deal was, they gave their opponent either the box of Trash or the box of dosh.

If only one handed over the dosh the recipient took the lot.

If both handed over the dosh they spilt it.

But if BOTH handed over the Trash they BOTH lost and the dosh was split between the other three losing finalists.

What would you do?


I’d take my chances on my felllow man and assume that he too would rather have half than nothing and hand over the dosh, after all there was a two in three chance of losing by not taking this approach.

What did the greedy chaps do?

They both handed over the Trash and both left empty handed.

Served the greedy shites right.

A triumph for Channel 4 and a lesson in humility for all involved.

Shame on them.

6 thoughts on “Greed. And why it’s bad for you.

  1. I watched the show, found it really entertaining. Not so much on a ‘let’s open random boxes and hope we get lucky’ but the tactical play that went on.

    The final two guys really messed it up though. I do reckon that Darragh I think is name was (with the glasses) planned to steal the final split all along, whereas the other fella genuinely wanted to split, either that or some damn good acting.

    I think he changed his mind after observing Darragh as he would not make eye contact and gave the slightest incline he was gonna steal.

    Silly fools.

    Agree with the article, I would like to think I’d have split with ‘other fella’ but not with Darragh


    • Aye. Good point. If all that wailing and gnashing of teeth was an act get him over to Hollywood now.. But if he thought he was being duped by Darragh and tried to play the same then the only outcome was them both losing. Silly boy.


    • Absolutely agree, Darragh just looked like no part of him wanted to share it. Feel sorry for the other guy though. If he had the same feeling about Darragh his choices were to just hand it all over or sacrifice the lot to prevent being double crossed. What a shame for him.

      Would like to think. I would go for the split but faced with someone like Darragh I don’t know whet i’d do. Then again, both have shown themselves to be greedy liars on national tv, although as mentioned it’s difficult to know what the other guy was thinking.

      Pleased for the other three though.


  2. I agree these two muppets got greedy. There was a two in three chance getting nothing- why not share it- I think Darragh had no intention of sharing and the other guy got spooked at the last minute as Darragh give nothing away with his emotions. These two guys will play this stupid decision over and over in their mind every night for the rest of their lives- sweet dreams


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