Come and see my pal Kirsty Whiten’s stunning new exhibition

Kirsty Whiten is one of Scotland’s most respected young contemporary artists.

I commissioned a painting of Tom by her in her artschool days (when she babysat for us) and 1576 bought one of her paintings for our reception.

Her work has become increasingly challenging and this latest exhibition pulls no punches.

It looks amazing though so get along this Saturday 14th January…

Opening party – **note it’s afternoon!!** for Breeder Badlands, my solo show is this saturday, 14th Jan 3-5pm. Come along, bring a friend!
Check my artist page for details of other linked events (artist talk at 2pm etc).

Exhibition runs until 10th March. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

ladle threat







Who took the ( ‘ ) out of Waterstone’s?

Some fucking dick in the Waterstone’s marketing department thinks the apostrophe is an inconvenience in the digital age.

Yeah sure it is in a url, but we all know that urls don’t need punctuation and everyone, even Lynne Truss, will live with that.

However, to use that as an excuse to rebrand Waterstone’s as Waterstones is absurd.

It’s a fucking bookshop.

It should be the last bastion of proper syntax for fuck sake.

It is utterly unforgiveable.

It’s like the Driving Standards Agency hiring blind people to take driving tests.

Before you know it we’ll have section’s for biographys, comic’s, childrens book’s, and busine’ss section’s.


Or is that bastards’ or bastards or bastard’s or bas’tards or bas’tard’s or bas’tard’s’

I give up.   In apoplexy.