Who took the ( ‘ ) out of Waterstone’s?

Some fucking dick in the Waterstone’s marketing department thinks the apostrophe is an inconvenience in the digital age.

Yeah sure it is in a url, but we all know that urls don’t need punctuation and everyone, even Lynne Truss, will live with that.

However, to use that as an excuse to rebrand Waterstone’s as Waterstones is absurd.

It’s a fucking bookshop.

It should be the last bastion of proper syntax for fuck sake.

It is utterly unforgiveable.

It’s like the Driving Standards Agency hiring blind people to take driving tests.

Before you know it we’ll have section’s for biographys, comic’s, childrens book’s, and busine’ss section’s.


Or is that bastards’ or bastards or bastard’s or bas’tards or bas’tard’s or bas’tard’s’

I give up.   In apoplexy.

6 thoughts on “Who took the ( ‘ ) out of Waterstone’s?

  1. Don’t even get me started. It’s a bloody disgrace. As if getting rid of their 3 for 2 fiction deal wasn’t bad enough.

    I hate stuff like this. ‘Toys R Us’ fills me with rage. At least I never have to go into the hellish place. But Waterstone’s?!

    Oh dear.


  2. I love how passionate you are about grammar, it makes me angry and I’ve never even been to Waterstone’s. You’re so right though, they’re killing the language that they’re essentially trying to preserve between spines and on pages.


  3. You could take the view that when Tim Waterstone started the chain they were indeed Waterstone’s but now he doesn’t own them so they aren’t his possessions any more, there are just lots of them. Would that make them Waterstones?


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