Adele. The phenomenon.

A year to the day since its release (24 Jan 2011) Adele’s 21 returned the number one spot on the US album charts.  It’s pretty much never been out of the top ten in the intervening 104 weeks and 16 of them have been in that coveted top spot.She’s had 19 weeks at the top in the UK.

It’s a remarkable achievement for a singer who has, in that period, become nothing short of a national treasure.

OK, I know a lot of us are sick to death of her, but not me.  I think it’s fully deserving of the 3.84 million units it has shifted in the UK (17m worldwide) especially as it has been without the help of Simon Cowell and on an independent label; XL records.

6 thoughts on “Adele. The phenomenon.

  1. indeed. one year. she is awesomely amazing…and her success is all the sweeter for having been achieved without the huge machinery of a major label or management company (any, not just Cowell’s empire).


  2. Totally with you on that Mark. Because she appeals to the masses, I think some people reckon it’s a bit ‘uncool’ to like her, but not me. She’s an amazing talent, still so young and seems totally down-to-earth and good fun to boot. A national treasure indeed.


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