The Oscar Nominations

Oh dear.  It’s not a great year, is it?

Nine nominations for best film and none of them were;

  • Drive – The Best US movie I’ve seen this year
  • Senna – The Best documentary I’ve seen this year, and not even a nomination for best documentary (or for Project Nim)
  • A Separation.  The best film I’ve seen this year, although it does get, and must surely win, best foreign movie and remarkably it has broken out with a best Screenplay nomination.  Why not best movie then?

Instead we are left with;

  • The Artist – nice but ridiculously overrated
  • Hugo – often derided by the critics but leads the way with 12 nominations overall
  • The Tree of Life – Great in parts, abysmal in others
  • War Horse – after initial good noises largely slagged off in the press and written of as sentimental tosh.
  • The Descendants.  Will see it next week when it opens.  Sounds like a good movie that’s nothing more than that.
  • The Help.  Oh please.
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Not much to go on this one but it’s a surprise choice and a 25/1 outsider.
  • Midnight in Paris.  A return to form by Woody but has largely sentimental and fairly forgettable by all accounts.
  • Money ball.  A baseball movie.  Enough said?

If I was pushed to vote I’d say The Tree of Life (because I haven’t seen The Descendants yet).

It won’t win.

At least the lousy Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy didn’t make it (12 BAFTA’s, I ask you) and Gary Oldman might as well save the air fare because he ain’t got a chance against Clooney for best actor.



One thought on “The Oscar Nominations

  1. I trruly agree with you, A separation definitly deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Movie too. It is one of the best movies I have seen in my lifetime. If this movie would have been made in US, it would have definitly got7/8 nominations but since its Iranian it has only got 2 nominations….I wish it wins both of them !!


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