The diet. The latest.

Well, it’s been a tough but exciting two months.

I’ve cycled 400 miles and walked 240.

I’ve been on a (roughly speaking) about 1500 calorie a day regime but it’s been worth t as I put on a suit yesterday that I “earned” from Smiths Menswear in 1995.

Most pleasing of all my BMI moved from obese to overweight this morning.  That’s a really big thing for me as it completely re-categorises me in my own mind (mind you that’s on the halls md scale (an American model that challenges the usual dodgy findings of the existing BMI standards that take no account of muscle percentage, merely weight.  NOT THAT I AM SAYING I AM MUSCULAR.

So, I have a good half stone to go on the regular measure to make that claim but in my mind I am no longer obese.

I’ve lost 13.5% of my body weight so far and am 70% towards my target of 50lbs lost by 50. (Mid May.)

I know I will get there now; it’s only a question of when?

Thanks everyone for your support so far and especially Pete and Jeana.

If you want to pledge your support for the charities that we are raising money for please sign up here.

Me?  I’m off for some scran.



5 thoughts on “The diet. The latest.

  1. Well done Mark. I was almost 14st at one point and am now 11st 3, purely down to running. We all have our own challenges and mine is getting to a weight that begins with 10. It’s becoming an obsession, but I can’t seem to shift any more weight. If I get there before the London Marathon I, like you, will have re-categorised myself in my own mind as someone who is genuinely the right weight for my height.


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