Mercury Prize

With The Mercury only a few days away here’s my form guide to the shortlist..

Alt-J – ‘An Awesome Wave’

Odds on favourite; surprisingly.  It’s a good record but a bit geeky so I don’t  think it will win.  And anyway Django Django’s the better of the geek stuff.
Richard Hawley – ‘Standing On The Sky’s Edge’

Hawley’s best yet and a strong contender.  Love it.
Plan B – ‘Ill Manors’

Not a favourite with the bookies but I think it has a real chance.
Sam Lee – ‘Ground Of Its Own’

Folking no chance.
Lianne La Havas – ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’

A really nice soul record, but released on Nonesuch records in the US does not sound like a Mercury Prize winning combination to me.
Django Django – ‘Django Django’

The years best reciord and should win.  I think it will.
The Maccabees – ‘Given To The Wild’

Much loved by Radio 6 but not the record buying public.  I think not.
Ben Howard – ‘Every Kingdom’

Cack.  Won’t win.
Jessie Ware – ‘Devotion’

A genuine outsider.  Lovely record, consistent throughout.  I give it a chance.
Roller Trio – ‘Roller Trio’

It’s Jazz.  Need I say any more.  I have nothing against jazz but the Mercury Prize does.  Tokenism.
Field Music – ‘Plumb’

Not as good as their earlier work.  I’d be surprised if this won.
Michael Kiwanuka – ‘Home Again’ 

Better than Ben Howard but pretty bland.  I doubt very much if this will win.

So my shortlist is Django Django, Plan B, Richard Hawley and Jessie Ware.  My money’s on the Djangoes with a touch on Hawley and Jessie.

3 thoughts on “Mercury Prize

  1. Plan B should be given an award for all-round artistry. It’s actually sickening what he’s achieving for his age. That film/album genre has been given a new lease. His attention to detail amazes me and the use of am drams in that film was ballsy coz of the potential for shitness. Watching the film then listening again and again to that album hits home what the boys got goin on. Best musical of the year anyway.

    I listen to jazz when cooking.

    Hawley’s a bit special n’ aw. Is he the first name down on this every year he has album out?


  2. And John cooper Clark tie in the film/soundtrack is ace.

    He put all this together in the space of months after the London riots. I’ll get off his dick now but just sayin….


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