My kinda tax avoidance


We’ve berated Starbucks et al.  Now let’s hear it for the honest cheat.  We applaud you senor.

A theatre (Quim Marce’s theater in the town of Bescano – north of Barcelona) in Spain was going bust because he Spanish government raised tax on theatre tickets to 21% with the result that punters were giving up on going out.  It was a peseta too far.

But Quim Marce (the owner) spotted a loophole whilst on a trip to his local market.

The humble, grubby carrot; donkey food down the old Iberian peninsula has given the tax man a sidestep and comes in at a mere 4%.

So, cue a change in pricing strategy down the old Quim Marce Theatre.  You no longer buy theatre tickets,  you buy carrots (for the same price as before) and gain free entry to the theatre as a thank you.


His season next year will compose of

  • Romeo and Julienne,
  • The Importance of Being Par-boiled,
  • Death of a Carrot Salesman,
  • A Streetcar Named Desiree (potato and baby carrot salad),
  • Glengarry Glenross variety,
  • Speed the Plow,
  • View from a Bridge by the Allotment,

The Wainwright dynasty

Jeana and I saw Rufus Wainwright at the Usher Hall last night and he was very good in parts.  His piano based torch singing always hit the mark but the sound for his full band numbers was sometimes mixed a little to murkily losing the power of his vocals.  Anyway the highlight of the evening was the performance of two Kate McGarrigal numbers by members of Wainwright’s backing band as a tribute to his departed mother.

One by the uniquely voiced Krystle Warren.

The other by the imperious Teddy Thomson (son of Richard and Linda).

The night ended in a Bacchanalian gay orgy involving members of the audience angels, death, Wainwright in a togo all lubed up and a singing sandwich.  You had to be there.  Terrific fun. For me this number was the highlight of Rufus’s set.