Cyclo aquaplaning

Bradley Gormo

I went out for my last “big run” of the year to unwelcoming grey skies.  Eight of us made it up for the 9:01 ride from Dalmeny to Torphicen (in the hills above Linlithgow) All went well to our half way coffee and bacon roll stop but as we sat espousing the virtues of Sir Wiggo the rain started.

By the time we re-strode our carbon shafts to cries of “Oooohhh I really SHOULD have go that seat cover for Christmas” the downpour was becoming a deluge and the 17 miles home took on ferocious natural challenges.  We’d already taken on a 20mph headwind so at least we were helped home but the puddles became deeper and deeper, browner and browner.  I nearly missed a corner at the hump back bridge just outside Linlithgow and was chatting to Roddy about whether or not you could “aquaplane on a bike” when I aquaplaned on a bike.

Well, fuck me if that wasn’t scary.

I was belting it down a downwardish slope doing at least 25mph (that’s about 45kph for you cyclists out there) when I hit a brown puddle at the side of a field that covered 3/4 of the road and was at least 6″ deep.  To say the bike veered as the change in speed coupled with 20mph gusts of side on wind impacted on my forward trajectory would be an underestimate.  The wheel certainly lost contact with the road but I stayed on board and disaster was averted.

Bring on next week!

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